Old article but super relevant (WebRTC will affect net neutrality issues, the music industry and more almost overnight).

Also while you’re at it, if you’re heavy into web standards, look into ORTC (it’s pretty much the same thing with a slight upgrade that matters a lot).


I’ve decided to start blogging again.

Serious blogging, with words, sentences, paragraphs and all of that nice stuff.

Blame Dave Winer as his blog has inspired me to want to share my thoughts in long form again.

Unlike Creative Procrastinators, this is a solo blog and thus is my thoughts and my thoughts only.

Also if you’re wondering “Why Tumblr?”, honestly I’d opt for Blogger in cases like these but it’s format for custom site designs is XML strict and they don’t provide enough to make up for it in their API so I’ve opted for Tumblr just for the sake of being able to take it apart (maybe down the line I’ll switch to a self-hosted Wordpress or something, I don’t know).